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Top 7 Tips for Building an Engaging Music Curriculum

August 12, 2017 sheet music class piano

One of the teacher’s biggest challenges is keeping students engaged (especially in a group setting). Even in a music class, which has stimulation everywhere, students can drift and get occupied with other things. To solve that, you need a curriculum that hooks students and keeps them entertained, while not forgetting to educate and improve their skills.

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Tips for teaching an advanced piano class for adults

August 7, 2017 Woman playing piano

Any advanced piano student will tell you the curriculum they’re learning varies drastically from what they were first taught in beginner classes. The benefits of teaching advanced classes include greater freedom to explore music theory and complexity, as well as working with songs that are more technically difficult to master.

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Elements that Make Group Piano Lessons Successful

June 13, 2017 Students playing various instruments in a classroom

 Teaching piano lessons to a group can be a fun way to educate a broad range of students on the ins and outs of the instrument. Offering group piano lessons in a social learning environment can offer great benefits too, both to you as the piano teacher as well as the students in the lesson. Here are some helpful tips...

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4 Tips for Teaching Adults to Play the Piano

June 9, 2017 Teacher instructing adult student on playing the piano

 Teaching someone how to play a musical instrument is full of rewards. It’s exhilarating to see their face light up when they learn a new concept and there’s nothing like seeing someone learn to love and enjoy music the same way you do.

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How Music and Movement Help Your Toddler

June 2, 2017 A mom is teaching her daughter to play the guitar

Your toddler is a bundle of energy – so much so that, at times, it might feel like they never stop moving! Your little one is full of ideas and action, and it’s key to channel that nonstop zeal into something that can help them learn and grow.

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How to Start a Family Band

May 16, 2017 A family of musicians

When several people in a family play a musical instrument, you have the beginnings of a family band. You might want to perform in public or just enjoy time spent together as a family. Either way, it’s a lot of fun to pool your talents and play as an ensemble. In the beginning, chaos may reign. After some practice, though,...

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6 Mistakes New Music Teachers Should Avoid

May 8, 2017

Mistakes are inevitable. New teachers make them. So do experienced ones. If you're a newly minted piano teacher, you don't need to stress about perfection. You have a lot to learn, but you already know enough to get started.

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3 Group Piano Lessons Myths Dispelled

April 19, 2017 Group piano lessons myths

Despite their growing popularity, misconceptions about the nature of group lessons remain. Most of these myths are variations on the idea that students learn piano best with one-on-one attention.

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Toddler Music Lessons and Sensory Play

March 31, 2017 Sensory Play and Toddler Music Lessons

A lack of playtime hampers social and sensory development in toddlers. That’s the opinion a pediatric occupational therapist writing for the “Answer Sheet.” At issue is the displacement of unstructured play, especially outdoor activity, for academic pursuits, writes Angela Hanscom. She contends that young children learn more when they’re free to play, explore and socialize. Her piece is a discussion...

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How to Teach Piano To Any Age Group

March 17, 2017 How to teach piano to any age group

Music lessons enrich the life of a child or an adult. From toddlers to senior citizens, everyone can enjoy learning to play the piano. The key to teaching different groups is to use age-appropriate lessons.

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