How to Start a Family Band

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A family of musicians

When several people in a family play a musical instrument, you have the beginnings of a family band. You might want to perform in public or just enjoy time spent together as a family. Either way, it’s a lot of fun to pool your talents and play as an ensemble. In the beginning, chaos may reign. After some practice, though, you’ll be in sync.

Here are some tips on how to start a family band.

Tip #1: Determine who the players will be

The first and most important step of getting your new band together is to determine who will play what. You can be creative with this. Maybe you have a toddler who wants to join in on the fun. Give the littlest children rattles or other toys that make sounds that they can play with. Older children could get more responsibility with percussion pieces or other instruments that they have been learning. You may even want to rotate band duties to give each person a chance to try a different instrument. There’s no need to specialize when your kids are learning to be well-rounded musicians.

Tip #2: Choose a type of music

Is there a specific style of music that your family enjoys playing together? Whether it’s jazz, rock and roll, classical, or a little bit of everything, there are a lot of options as to what your band can sound like. Work together on which style fits your family’s abilities and preferences and start practicing regularly. Even if you mainly play one style of music, feel free to try different genres.

Tip #3: Encourage leadership

All bands and groups need someone who can take charge when needed. Determine who will keep the group on track and encourage regular practice times. Choose someone who is well-versed in music and understands various instruments, vocal styles, and genres. It’s a good idea to let different members take turns leading, or divide leadership duties among the family.

Tip #4: Practice regularly

Practicing as a group is fun and allows your band to progress in skill. Set aside a regular time when your family will practice together. Family members will likely practice  individually or in pairs, too. Depending on the instruments in the group, you’ll either all play the same part, or you might need to play different parts. If you need to, ask a music teacher for help with arrangements

Starting a family band with either immediate or extended family can encourage musical learning and is a great way to have fun together! If you want to introduce more music into your family, a great place to start is with regular music lessons. Contact Harmony Road Music Course for information about group keyboard lessons.

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