How Much Should You Charge for Piano Lessons?

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How much should you charge for music lessons

Music teachers have the same challenges as other business people. They need to set a dollar value on their products and services. Undercharging or overcharging will have the same results: not enough income to make a living. Charge too little, and you may have a full teaching schedule, but not enough revenue to earn a wage and pay your business expenses. Charge too much and students won’t show up at your door.

A quick search of the internet says that teachers typically charge between $15 and $60 per hour. That’s quite a range because it covers everything from group to private, home-based to studio lessons. At our school, where we teach the Harmony Road Music Course, you can see our fees for different group classes.

Whether you have experience or are new to teaching, charging the right amount for music/piano lessons is a critical business decision. Remember that you’re charging not just for the 30 to 60 minutes per week you spend with a student. You’re also charging for your expertise, lesson preparation time and a space in your weekly schedule.

You’ll need to consider several factors before you set your fee. Here are some things to consider:

Private or Group Lessons

Our teaching philosophy puts a high priority on group piano lessons. Students and parents learn through interaction, gaining both musical and social benefits. If you teach group classes, your hourly income will multiply while lessons remain affordable for students.

We created our curriculum for groups of students and parents, covering beginning to advanced, toddler to adult. You can read more about teaching the Harmony Road Music Course here.

Student Age and Level

You may decide to charge a lower fee for toddlers or beginners than for more advanced students. Lessons for beginners are less technical and can require less preparation on your part. A lower rate for beginners can make classes more attractive to those who are just testing the musical waters.

Your Location

Find out what teachers in your area charge. While your fee may be more or less than the average, it’s important to have a competitive price. Teachers in urban locales usually charge higher tuition. Those who teach from home in a small town or rural area usually have the lowest fees.

Lesson Duration

Some teachers set an hourly rate then prorate fees according to lesson length. Music and piano lessons range from 30 to 60 minutes. This fee schedule makes sense and is easy to explain to students. However, some teachers charge a higher hourly rate for 30-minute lessons.

Teacher Experience and Education

The more experienced a teacher, the more they have to offer. Students benefit from their years of teaching. Teachers with advanced degrees often charge more or teach advanced students.

Would you like to learn more about teaching the Harmony Road Music Course? Contact us to learn more or a free information kit.

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