How to Start Teaching the Harmony Road Method

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How to start teaching the Harmony Road Method

Training and certification are required to teach the Harmony Road method. We offer in person and online seminars. You will become certified after testing and auditions demonstrate a mastery of our methodology and teaching techniques.

While a B.A. in music isn’t a prerequisite to teaching, Harmony Road teachers must be able to lead others musically and serve as a model to students as they develop their own musicianship. If you have a passion for teaching and a desire to share music, Harmony Road can empower you to bring this unique musical program to families in your community.  

The Harmony Road curriculum was created by Jan Keyser more than 30 years ago. Students of the method have become music professionals as well as music devotees who continue to make music a part of their lives.

What Is the Harmony Road Curriculum?

Harmony Road has a unique curriculum. It consists of a graduated series of group lessons. Our lessons are based on solfege singing. It emphasizes the development of the inner ear and the total child and musician.

The curriculum uses singing and keyboard skills. Students become well-rounded musicians when they study with our teachers. Lessons for toddlers and younger students emphasize singing, movement, keyboard activities, creative projects, reading readiness based on patterning and kinesthetic experiences, finger/hand awareness, and ensemble experiences to help develop a feeling for pulse and meters.

What Are the Advantages of Teaching Harmony Road?

If you’ve never taught group music lessons, our certification process ensures you’ll have a solid base to start your group teaching career.  If you’re already teaching but are looking for opportunities to grow your skills and income through group teaching, our seminars provide the knowledge you will need to run a successful music education center.

With our proven curriculum, you can teach students of all ages and understand the learning styles which will enable your students to succeed.  We’ve developed all the course materials you’ll need including lesson plans and teacher guides

All our courses are taught in group settings. Group learning helps students because they learn through interaction and observation. Shared musical experiences help students become actively involved in making music. As a teacher, you can offer students affordable rates while still earning a reasonable hourly wage.

We support teachers during and after training and the certification process. If you need business and marketing advice, we’re here for you. In addition, when you’re certified to teach, you’ll be part of a strong and supportive network of teachers. Our curriculum is taught worldwide, in more than 140 locations.

How to Start Teaching the Harmony Road Method

The first step to teaching the Harmony Road method is to contact us for more information. You’ll need to attend an in person or online seminar for certification. Whether you’re new to teaching or an old hand, we want to support you in offering the best early childhood music curriculums and group music/piano programs for older ages.

Please contact us to learn more about teaching the Harmony Road Music Course

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