Musical Toys Make Learning Fun

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Musical toys make learning fun.

Musical toys and instruments encourage children to play and explore musical ideas. Dancing and singing come naturally to toddlers. A toy can extend the range of sounds a child can produce. With an easy-to-use instrument, very young children will create rhythms and tones, often as an accompaniment to singing.

The Harmony Road Music Course builds on a child’s innate joy of movement, melody and rhythm. In our toddler music lessons, students and parents use a variety of instruments to learn and have fun.

We teach children as young as 18 months, but you don’t have to wait for formal lessons to get a child interested in playing a musical instrument. From the time they’re infants, children can begin learning about melody, rhythm and tone just by playing with something from their toy box.

Find simple instruments in the toy aisle. These are good options because they’re built to attract kids and stand up to rough treatment. Simple percussion devices are also a good choice once a child is a little older.

Here’s what to look for when you’re buying a musical toy or instrument for a child:

Musical Toys for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Rattles are a perfect first instrument. They’re safe even for infants. Test out a few different rattles. Both the colors and sounds of this time-tested musical toy will attract your baby.

Mini keyboards designed for a crib can keep a baby occupied. They often come with soft keys that are easy for little fingers to manipulate. As your baby grows into a toddler, look for kid-friendly tambourines, handbells and maracas. Another favorite are rainbow-colored hand drums.

Your child might show a preference for a particular instrument. If your little one is attracted to keyboards, upgrade her toy as she grows. Even a basic keyboard enables a child to play music. Using a small, electronic keyboard prepares your child for toddler music lessons and children’s early childhood music/piano courses.

Percussion instruments come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hand drums, triangles, cymbals and bells are fun and easy for kids to play. Slightly older kids may enjoy playing a recorder, harmonica, or ukulele.

Parents and older siblings will enjoy playing these instruments, too. The Harmony Road Music Course is based on group lessons. In our classes, parents learn with their children. Making music as a family is another way to tap into the benefits of musical ensembles. Sing and play with your kids, keeping rhythm with a tambourine, drum or another instrument.

Contact us to learn more about our music and keyboard lessons. If you’re a teacher, request a kit to learn more about our curriculum.

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