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I recently returned from the MTAC Conference in San Diego where I had the opportunity to hear some of our Harmony Road students and grads participate in master classes for improvisation and composing. It was rewarding to see and hear their ease of performance in these two areas.  KUDOS to Alexandra Hawley from BakersfieldHarmonyRoadMusicSchool – their teacher and mentor.


I would urge those schools which have not taken their HR4, YM4, and KP3 graduates on to the KEYBOARD MUSICIAN level to consider the areas which are strengthened by participation in this series. I always tell parents it is “the frosting on the cake”.


This program provides students with the ability to accompany themselves while they sing solfege or lyrics, sight read, sing artistic solfege songs for phrasing, expressiveness, articulation, and dynamics, read and orchestrate 3 and 4 part ensembles, explore modes, arrange harmonic accompaniment styles for melodies, develop strong technique and solo performance skills, compose in many styles, and experience and contrast major composers

and musical periods.


Schools may offer this program as a four semester course (55 minutes weekly with parent involvement).

This is my preferred way to offer this program because it keeps the parents and students focused on the gradual growth of musical skills and concepts. These “well rounded” students become your finest performers, creators, and improvisers. They are efficient and productive in their practice time and really enjoy the piano or whatever instrument they ultimately choose to play. (Many times they continue to an advanced level with piano and add a second instrument)  These are students who will always feel comfortable performing, arranging, composing, transposing, sharing and exploring the wonderful world of music.


I have heard parents say “they are fearless musicians” and that is so true!


The KEYBOARD MUSICIAN Course advanced training is now available as an internet seminar.  This training also includes an overview of the adult series – PIANO STREET BOOKS 1, 2, AND 3.

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