Group Lessons-Opening the door to Musicianship, Creativity, and Enjoyment

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Group Lessons: Opening the door to Musicianship, Creativity, and Enjoyment
Advantages of group lessons for preschoolers:

Movement activities to develop feeling for pulse and meters and phrasing are easily facilitated in a group.  Rhythmic Patterns are absorbed from activity songs in the group.

Children can readily experience note durations. Melodic Patterns with solfege may be experienced in “by copy” singing and singing and playing. More voices encourage strong singing to enhance the flow and dynamics of patterning.

Harmonic Hearing is experienced through body movement as a group. Children also hear the harmonic progressions provided in teacher accompaniments and musical backgrounds for singing and movement activities.

Note Reading Concepts are experienced through movement activities, lyrics in songs, tactile/kinesthetic games and finally affirmed with “construction projects” which are shared with class members.

Most importantly– young children learn through experiencing music in an active group, sharing with their peers and parents/care givers.  A curriculum which is designed for group involvement and interaction provides the basis for successful and natural musical development. Other advantages for learning in the group include the opportunity for repetition through varied activities and the use of multi-sensory learning experiences. The group environment also nurtures empathy and wonderful friendships.


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