Group Dynamics

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All Harmony Road Music Courses are presented in a group format. A
group setting motivates students and provides an enjoyable environment
for musical learning.

Young children benefit from multi-sensory activities
and the opportunity for repetition of concepts with varied activities-singing,
moving, clapping, playing instruments, sharing musical fun! Parents or care
givers are an important part of the group dynamic.

Older students enjoy interaction with their peers – sharing in solo and ensemble playing, being team leaders, playing in relay, and eventually learning to accompany class singing.

Playing in a group strengthens rhythmic and dynamic concepts and makes
students aware of orchestration and harmonic content. Students develop a
high level of performance skill and confidence which becomes apparent in
their later participation in festivals and playing events.

Harmony Road students become musical leaders in whatever musical venue they explore.
For adults – making music together is simply more fun and provides the same
learning benefits and a better overall understanding and feeling for music.

All ages enjoy sharing music with friends and develop real empathy for each other.
The group setting encourages teamwork while providing motivation to improve skills
and performance abilities. Class members become a support system and as students become more advanced – the group provides a place for performance practice. Students become critical listeners and are encouraged to give constructive critiques about classmates performances. Thus – students have little or no fear of performing in front of an audience. This positive setting also greatly encourages creativity and exploration of musical ideas.

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