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What sets Harmony Road schools apart?

PARENT INVOLVEMENT: This is one of the most critical factors in the success of our students. Parent involvement within class and at home provides our students with a support system and a partner in the learning process. Remember – we are educating parents as well as children!

SOLFEGE SINGING: Solfege singing is our vehicle to teach ear training and expressiveness. It is critical to continue singing solfege while playing on the keyboard. In observing classes – I see that the children who sing while they play develop very steady rhythm and play with a smooth, legato style. Those who are not singing tend to perform in a stop and start manner – especially in the early semesters of our programs. Make singing a part of every keyboard activity and performance!

SELECTING KEYBOARD SOUNDS: If you’re are using portable keyboards in your classroom – I encourage you to use voices on the keyboard that sustain or hold through, eg. clarinet, string, brass, etc. On many portables, the piano sounds cut out very quickly. When children are attempting to play and sing smoothly – this defeats the purpose. Explore the more percussive sounds when students are playing at a faster tempo and are developing awareness of touches. Please communicate this information to parents who are using portable keyboards for home practice. Young students also need to hear the sound carry through on longer note values

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