Advantages of Adult Piano Lessons

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Advantages of adult piano lessons.

Music is for everyone. You don’t need to be wildly talented to learn to play the piano. You don’t need to practice for hours every day. And, you don’t need to be young in order to learn.

Adults often think they’re too old for beginning piano lessons. It’s true that children are hardwired to learn quickly. They are stunningly adept at absorbing music and language.

But adults are also built to learn. Adults and children learn differently from one another, each bringing unique strengths to their lessons.

If you missed the chance to learn music as a child, Harmony Road Music can help. Our children’s programs rely on parent participation. Parents and children learn together.

We also offer lessons just for adults and teenage beginners. Each course in our curriculum is age-appropriate. Our Piano Street books and classes are designed for adults. Students learn the building blocks of music in a relaxed group setting. These lessons develop your ear, note-reading ability and improvisational skills. For beginners or adults who have had some musical background – Piano Street provides an opportunity to develop new skills, share in a musical ensemble, and make new friends with a like passion for learning and making music.

Adults may even have a few advantages when it comes to picking up a new skill such as playing the piano. If you’ve always wanted to play the piano, but are worried you’re too old, consider the following:

Advantages of Adult Piano Lessons

Motivation: Adult students are highly motivated. They’re in piano class because they want to learn. Desire and motivation are two of the best teachers.

Emotionally mature: Adults have the depth to understand a wide range of emotions. Expression is a key part of musicianship. Maturity and experience enrich musical interpretation.

Critical thinking skills: Music isn’t all about feeling. The ability to analyze is also important. Concealed in even the simplest tunes are concepts of melodic patterning and rhythm. An adult can bring logic and emotion to bear when learning a piece of music.

Focus: In the group setting older beginners and adults develop a feeling for musical flow that encourages rhythmic development and musical expression. Students participate in ensemble activities that strengthen their listening skills and musical understanding.

Ability to read: Adults can start reading musical patterns in their first lessons. They will understand the numbers, letters and instructions in course materials. The addition of ear training will enhance their comprehension. In addition, adults may enjoy reading about music history and theory.

Learning to play the piano is fun at any age. The Harmony Road Music method will give you the confidence to play whether you’re a teen or a senior citizen. If you’re a teacher, our course materials and methods will be perfect for your older students.

Please contact us for more information about the Harmony Road Music program.

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  • In your article, you stated that adults and children learn differently from one another, each bringing unique strengths to their lessons. My daughter came home from school today and wanted to learn how to play the piano. What is the best type of piano for piano lessons?

    • Harmony Road Music says:

      Most of our schools use electronic keyboards with many voices. They aid in teaching orchestration and make for interesting group play

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