Young Musician Primer

Age Range: 6 -8 years
Course Length: 4-45 minute weekly sessions

The Young Musician Primer is an intro program which gives parents and students an opportunity to experience the group-solfege-based style of learning. It is designed specifically for children ages 6 to 8 (first, second and third graders in school). Classes meet for four 45 minute sessions. This program gives the student a strong start and also provides the teacher with a way to observe and evaluate student readiness for continuing classes.

During the 45-minute classes children and parents will discover new ideas and learning skills through the following activities:

Singing – through solfege (DO, RE, MI) and word singing to encourage pitch awareness (ear training and inner hearing) and feeling for phrasing and expressiveness in music.

Rhythm – develop strong pulse and experience a variety of meters through body movement, rhythm games, and clapping and playing specific patterns
on percussion instruments.

Keyboard – learn to play patterns all over the keyboard (keyboard geography) and play and sing age appropriate, motivating songs. Hand shape and finger awareness develop as the voice leads the fingers to play musically.

Note Reading – children experience concepts of note patterning – stepping,
skipping, line, space, high (treble), low (bass), and sight sing patterns and songs. Students associate a sound with their reading activities.

Creativity – students are encouraged to create their own melodies, associated artwork, and lyrics.

The motivating songs and activities in Young Musician Primer provide students and parents with an enjoyable and successful first piano experience.

Audio Sample

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