The Young Musician

Age Range: 6 - 8 years
Course Length: 55 minute sessions / 2 Year Program

The Young Musician series (books 1 to 4) brings 6 to 8-year-olds (first, second, and third graders) to the exciting world of music making with age appropriate motivating music and activities. This age group particularly enjoys making new friends and being a part of a musical team. In the group setting they have the opportunity to sing, play musical movement and dance games, experience rhythm with body motions and small percussion instruments, play keyboard/piano solos for each other which helps build their confidence, and work on creative and reading skills with unique multi-sensory projects.

The group setting provides the opportunity to play keyboard ensembles which help develop a wider note reading range and a strong feeling for rhythmic pulse. The class also learns how to orchestrate ensembles and listen for balance between the parts.

Solfege singing is used to experience melodic and harmonic ear training.

Students are encouraged to sing when they play to help develop “inner hearing” and awareness of musical flow, expressiveness, and dynamics.

All note reading activities encourage reading in patterns and phrases.

Students become aware of chord progressions first through singing and listening games – then as they play their solo repertoire. Students eventually learn to use different accompaniment styles and add their own harmony to melodies as they progress through the program.

Students are encouraged to develop their creativity through composing projects and lyric writing. This age group also experiences many musical styles and enjoys learning about music history and lives of the composers.

Parents/caregivers are actively involved in classes and the family is encouraged to share in at home music making.

Our goal is to provide strong musicianship training, taught by certified teachers who can provide the strongest musical model for their students and impart the joy of learning with energy and enthusiasm.

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