Age Range: 4 1/2 -6 years
Course Length: 4 x 45 minutes weekly

Musictime is a 4 session introductory program for 4 ½ to 6-year-olds.
It may be offered for one month forty-five minutes weekly or over a two week time period with classes twice a week.

This program actively involves the parent/caregiver and child as they experience together movement, solfege singing, fun activity songs, rhythm (with body rhythm and small percussion instruments), hand/finger readiness games, keyboard/piano activities for keyboard geography and pitch concepts, plus creative projects to prepare for first note reading experiences.

Musictime also can serve as an evaluation program to determine if a child is ready to continue into Harmony Road Book 1 curriculum which includes the use of finer motor skills (specific fingering on the keyboard) and beginning reading of melodic and rhythmic patterns. Emotional and social development should also be considered. If a child has not taken Harmony Road’s other readiness programs (Music in Me, More Music in Me), the instructor might recommend continuing with More Music in Me to help the child build readiness skills – musically, socially, and emotionally. This careful evaluation and placement will contribute greatly to the child’s confidence and enjoyment of his musical activities.

Musictime materials are highly motivating and fun. It is a great way to introduce parents and children to the Harmony Road style of teaching and learning. Families realize the many benefits of a group program for musical involvement as well as social interaction and teamwork. Parents and students share at home –experiencing class songs and activities and doing creative projects for class.

Musictime materials include a child’s book and CD.

Audio Sample

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