Keyboard Prep

Age Range: 8 - 11 years
Course Length: 55 minute sessions / 1 1/2 Year Program

Keyboard Prep is a contemporary comprehensive keyboard/piano and musicianship course for students ages 8 to 11 (third through sixth graders).

There are three books – 20 week semester for each book and classes meet 55 minutes weekly. A parent/caregiver also attends the class and provides at home support in many activities.

The Keyboard Prep course builds strong skills in ear training, music reading and writing, keyboard solo and ensemble performance, rhythm ensemble, composing and improvisation.

Students become comfortable with functional harmony, chord playing and analysis, and accompaniment styles.

Experiencing a wide variety of musical styles and composers encourages students to compose music and write lyrics. Students are given the musical tools to successfully create and arrange their own songs.

There is a strong basis in applied theory and careful development of keyboard techniques. Students read in patterns and develop “inner hearing” for melodies and harmonies as they sightsing and sight play. Transposing is experienced in several key centers throughout the course.

This age group loves to perform for their peers and gains confidence in their skills through leading the class in playing and singing activities. There are many opportunities for parents/caregivers to be involved in team play, relay play, and ensemble activities. We hope that music activities first experienced in class will become an important part of family time at home.

Families who make and share music together share a very special and lasting bond for a lifetime.

After the completion of the Keyboard Prep series – students may continue with the Keyboard Musician Course – Harmony Road’s advanced musicianship and performance program.

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