Keyboard Musician

Age Range: Advanced Course
Course Length: 55 minutes weekly / 2 Year Program

The Keyboard Musician Course is an advanced musicianship, performance, and composing program for students who have completed Harmony Road Book 4, Young Musician Book 4, or Keyboard Prep Book 3 of the Harmony Road Music Course. Keyboard Musician consists of four books – each offered in a 20 week semester – 55 minutes weekly. A parent or caregiver is involved in class time and continues to be a musical partner at home.

This exciting and unique course guides the student through many musical styles, performance techniques, harmonic and arranging skills, sight singing and artistic solfege singing activities, piano repertoire – solo and ensemble playing and provides experiences in composition and improvisation.

Students learn to accompany their own solfege or word singing. The development of this skill step by step in various meters and key centers provides the students with a basis for all kinds of accompaniment experiences. Later they can competently accompany their own singing, and also accompany other singers and friends who may be playing a band or orchestral instrument. This accompaniment skill combined with their chord knowledge and ability to follow lead line provides a strong set of skills which will be in high demand if they choose to be a part of a stage band in school. These skills are invaluable in school, church, and community settings.

Solo and ensemble selections cover a range of musical periods and composers. Students learn about the country and culture of the composers and become aware or worldwide music cultures.

The class continues to sing for fun – experiencing many rounds, songs from other countries, and two part solfege arrangements. Other skill development includes sight reading, technique studies, applied theory and harmonic analysis, rhythmic and harmonic dictation, and an understanding of relative keys and modes.

Our goal is to provide learning experiences that develop all areas of musicianship. This approach empowers the student to develop into a competent, fearless performer, creator, and participant in the art of music.

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