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Top 7 Tips for Building an Engaging Music Curriculum

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One of the teacher’s biggest challenges is keeping students engaged (especially in a group setting). Even in a music class, which has stimulation everywhere, students can drift and get occupied with other things. To solve that, you need a curriculum that hooks students and keeps them entertained, ... Read More

Tips for teaching an advanced piano class for adults

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Any advanced piano student will tell you the curriculum they’re learning varies drastically from what they were first taught in beginner classes. The benefits of teaching advanced classes include greater freedom to explore music theory and complexity, as well as working with songs that are more te... Read More

Tips for Teaching Toddlers Music

Tips for Teaching Toddlers Music

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about music. Babies learn just by listening, but by the time children are a couple of years old, they can attend classes. Learning at this age is based on fun activities. Whether you’re a parent or music instructor, here’s what you should know about ... Read More