Musical Creativity and Collaboration in Early Childhood

Musical Creativity and Collaboration in Early Childhood This session will explore settings and activities that encourage children to share different roles in the common improvisation/creation of music. Creative activities should encourage problem solving, self-expression, imagination, and empathy.... Read More


What sets Harmony Road schools apart? PARENT INVOLVEMENT: This is one of the most critical factors in the success of our students. Parent involvement within class and at home provides our students with a support system and a partner in the learning process. Remember – we are educating parents... Read More

Making Muscianship a Priority

I recently returned from the MTAC Conference in San Diego where I had the opportunity to hear some of our Harmony Road students and grads participate in master classes for improvisation and composing. It was rewarding to see and hear their ease of performance in these two areas.  KUDOS to Alexandra... Read More

Minding Your Own Business

            As Musicians and Teachers first, it is always difficult to think like a business person.  The interesting part is…..many of the same skills and characteristics that make you a great Musician and Teacher are the key ingredients for becoming a successful business person. So... Read More

Nuturing Creativity

Creativity Nurturing creativity – parents encourage the curiosity of their children at an early age and answer questions. A supportive home environment enables a child to start on a creative path early. The best environment for creative work seems to be on the scale of the extended family, wher... Read More

Experiencing Musical Concepts

Multi-sensory teaching is a type of instruction and classroom interaction which actively utilizes all the senses in learning. We understand that young children learn by doing. They also feel most comfortable moving from familiar to unfamiliar ideas and experiences. Musical activities by their very n... Read More

Group Dynamics

All Harmony Road Music Courses are presented in a group format. A group setting motivates students and provides an enjoyable environment for musical learning. Young children benefit from multi-sensory activities and the opportunity for repetition of concepts with varied activities-singing, moving, ... Read More

Making Music is What Fires the Brain

Making Music is What Fires the Brain Listening to Music Just Isn’t Enough Making Music Changes the Brain in Positive, Lasting Ways These are recent headlines for articles by Melissa Healy which have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Portland Oregonian and other publication. These articles gi... Read More


The Harmony Road Music Course has evolved from a lifetime of musical involvement with children. Harmony Road founder, writer and composer, Jan Keyser, developed the first courses in 1981 and has continued to provide high quality, research based curriculum’s to fill the needs of young students and... Read More