Musical Toys Make Learning Fun

Musical toys make learning fun.

Musical toys and instruments encourage children to play and explore musical ideas. Dancing and singing come naturally to toddlers. A toy can extend the range of sounds a child can produce. With an easy-to-use instrument, very young children will create rhythms and tones, often as an accompaniment to... Read More

Essentials to Start Teaching Music Lessons for Children

Essentials to start teaching music lessons for children

You have a degree in music education, and you're about to start teaching. You're a new graduate. Or, college was a few years ago but only now are you ready to set up shop. Maybe life took you down a non-musical career path, or maybe you've been teaching in someone else's studio. Whatever the situ... Read More

These 3 Resolutions Help Music Teachers Succeed

resolutions to help music teachers succeed

Did you make resolutions for the new year? If you didn’t, or if your best intentions have fallen by the wayside, it’s not too late to refocus. Now is the best time to improve how you run your music studio. New music teachers can be so wrapped up in teaching that they neglect the business end ... Read More

How to Encourage Shy Music Students

encourage shy music students

Katherine was a shy toddler. She hid when people visited her home. Later, when she started school, she seldom raised her hand in class even though she often knew the answers. When Katherine enrolled in children's piano lessons, she discovered she had a talent for music. She practiced every afternoon... Read More

How to Keep Students Interested in Music Classes

"What do you do for a living?" "I teach piano lessons." "I love music! I took keyboard lessons as a kid, but I didn't keep up with it." Have you ever had that conversation? Nearly all children have a chance to take music classes either in or after school. But how many people quit after only a yea... Read More

How Much Should You Charge for Piano Lessons?

How much should you charge for music lessons

Music teachers have the same challenges as other business people. They need to set a dollar value on their products and services. Undercharging or overcharging will have the same results: not enough income to make a living. Charge too little, and you may have a full teaching schedule, but not enough... Read More

Playing a Musical Instrument Develops Self-Confidence in Teens

Playing a Musical Instrument Develops Self-Confidence in Teens

Children moving into adolescence have a lot with which to contend. The ages between 9 and 13 are a time of transition, sometimes marked by a drop in self-confidence. Teens need support as they juggle challenges related to school, friends and their own mercurial moods. But, it's not always easy to... Read More

Tips for Teaching Toddlers Music

Tips for Teaching Toddlers Music

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about music. Babies learn just by listening, but by the time children are a couple of years old, they can attend classes. Learning at this age is based on fun activities. Whether you’re a parent or music instructor, here’s what you should know about ... Read More

Children Build Bonds through Music

Children build bonds through music.

Much has been made of the way music enhances a child’s intellectual development. The evidence for the brain-boosting power of music is impressive. But music's benefits don’t end there. Music, science is finding, is a potent force for building bonds. The Harmony Road Music Course curriculum de... Read More

How to Market Your Music Studio

How to Market Your Music Studio

If you’re teaching in your own music studio, you’re in the enviable position of being your own boss and doing work you love. Whether your students are young, old or somewhere in between, teaching is one of a musician’s most satisfying jobs. Running a business isn’t all rainbows and me... Read More